Much More Than an Artist





The UT chancellor’s professor of art creates prints of imaginary organs and fictional civilizations.

Beauvais Lyons has had exhibitions in museums across the world. “I tend to do my work outside of the commercial gallery system. Those travelling shows have ranged from imaginary civilizations I have fake folk art to a series of prints that are kind of medical illustrations of imaginary organs and so forth.”

Teaching print making to several doe-eyed students a semester, Lyons is no newcomer to sharing his knowledge of art with novice print makers.

He received his Master of Fine Art Degree in 1983 from Arizona State University, and has been teaching at UTK since 1985.

When asked, Lyons defined printmaking to someone who knows nothing about him or his craft by stating, “Print making is a great discipline because it is a bridge between studio art and design disciplines..I am interested in the ways that the history of prints are connected to the history of science and the history of propaganda as a kind of cultural function.”

Lyons is busy tying together an exhibition at the University of Tennessee to be displayed in the fall that delves into the Association for Creative Zoology.

He has several published articles of his own stressing print theory, with his some of his writings focusing more on the practical use of print making by common people and the historical and scientific significance of its practice. In the early nineties, Lyons published an article in particular that focused on, in his words, “artistic freedom in the university” which was published by The College Art Association based in New York.

One of Lyons’s largest contributions to the University of Tennessee comes with his involvement in the Hokes Archives. Feeling that all students should strive to have a web presence for professional purposes, the Hokes Archives are an important resource for both Lyons and his students to display their work.

As the Director of the archives, Lyons explains the archives and states, “Any active artists today who is committed to having a professional identity will have their own website..if anyone wants to find out more they can look that up.”


Beauvais Lyons Contact Information:

Telephone: 865-974-3202